International Coalition on Science Gateways

A Science Gateway (or Virtual Research Environment/Virtual Laboratory) is a community-developed set of tools, applications, and data collections that are integrated through a tailored web-based environment. Often Science Gateways leverage larger scale facilities to increase access and enable collaboration. Gateways can be used to tackle common scientific goals as well as offering resources for educating students and informing non-experts.

The International Coalition on Science Gateways aims to provide an international forum for the science gateways community to:

  • Provide leadership on future directions for science gateways
  • Facilitate awareness and international, regional and national developments in science gateways
  • Identify and share best practice in the field

The International Coalition on Science Gateways is affiliated with the International Workshops on Science Gateways (IWSG), a yearly workshop series which focuses on research contributions for science gateways. IWSG has been running internationally for over 10 years, with workshops now occurring in USA, Europe and Australia.

The International Coalition on Science Gateways also builds on other initiatives in this area, including, the recently convened Research Data Alliance (RDA) Interest Group in VREs (VRE-IG) which also provides an opportunity for discussion in this area.

The International Coalition on Science Gateways aims to bring together organisations, forums and individuals with an interest in international, regional, national, cross-institutional, domain-specific, and interdisciplinary initiatives in science gateways, including:

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